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ESG can be a win-win to everyone. Benefiting the companies, society, the environment and shareholders.

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Companies that talk about ESG have a strong bias towards sustainability
and tend to perform a lot better than the rest of the pack. Here are the 3 main reasons why this happens:

Faster Growth

Evidence has shown that sustainability-marketed products have a higher rate of growth if compared to non-sustainable products.

Productivity uplift

Nowadays, people are becoming, more than ever, purpose-driven. What that means is that most of us need a strong reason
to go to work and if companies manage to tie their business model to sustainability, it will boost employee motivation, and attract and retain talent.

New opportunities

The shift to a low-carbon environment will require a huge investment, which leads to endless opportunities. Companies that take action towards sustainability will win in the marketplace.

In some situations, these actions are not optional. Failure to act may lead
to a company falling behind competitors and not being able to survive in the market for much longer.

By applying the SIB Game, the methodology and the SIB management platform, you can bring the following benefits to your business, in line with the positive impact on the world:

Educating students not only to be the best professionals in the world, but also the best professionals and people for a better world, is the mission of any educational institution. 

But are we changing education at the same speed the world needs?

The world changes at a fast pace. New social and environmental challenges emerge on a daily basis and educational institutions can play a crucial role in this scenario by embracing sustainability and innovation. 

Millennials and Gen Z generations are concerned about the practice of sustainability in daily life and as a professional career. 

Are the practices in our education system meeting the demands of our students, when it comes to career and purpose? 

To achieve the results with an innovative and high-impact education in the world, it all starts with us, educators. Before teaching others, we ourselves need to be trained to appreciate the importance of the ESG pillars: environment, social and governance.

We believe that the values and skills taught through SIB Impact will be essential factors for breaking into the job market and updating best practices in sustainable innovation, as well as the development of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

Through the application of the SIB Impact, teachers and students will:

Governments are made of results and the communication of those results.

If we want to be able to quickly bring solutions for the local and global socio-environmental challenges, Governments need to be involved in the ESG space. 

By constructing a network of facilitators to multiply the application of SIB Impact, we are working as a bridge between society and governments aiming at providing the intellectual capital society needs to tackle these global issues.

Having a closer and more qualified community on ESG-related topics is a win-win for everyone, since we need well-prepared citizens for the countless problems we face today.

Governmental institutions can team up with SIB impact to form a network of individuals and companies so that local problems are solved in a timely manner.

The main benefits of such partnerships

NGOs play a crucial role in the world. Education and qualification are the main drivers of high-performance NGOs.

As a player in the NGO space who work directly with sustainability (ESG) or want to act, and acquire competitive skills to facilitate a game, tool and a unique methodology, SIB impact’s certification of partners in the facilitation of SIB Impact game will hugely benefit you.

The figure of the SIB facilitator is extremely important to reach more people, companies, governments, startups, universities, schools in other territories and countries, and to be able to speed up the necessary changes.

What results can SIB impact bring to your NGO