Be sustainable.
Be more efficient.

SIB Impact is an ESG Tech, we inspire actionable B2B multisectorial innovation of positive impact solutions. Drive people and organizations to UN Sustainable Development Goals, through a collaborative game, enabling ESG lifecycle from education to certification.

SIB Game is a purpose-driven game, which brings to the table solutions to the socio-environmental challenges we’re facing. By associating these challenges with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), you’ll come up with practical actions to be taken by your business.





Do you want to implement sustainability solutions at your college or University?
The world changes at a fast pace. New social and environmental challenges emerge on a daily basis and educational institutions can play a crucial role on this scenario by embracing sustainability and innovation.
Do you want to enhance your NGO’s capabilities ?
NGO’s are purpose-driven organizations which play an important role in society. However, these organizations, for the most part, rely on donations and external funding to keep themselves pulsing. Would you like to improve your effectiveness and results?
Is your business in need of training in sustainability to boost efficiency and enhance company's culture?
Startups are born with the purpose of innovating and impacting people’s lives. However, attracting talents and qualified investors is still a challenge for the majority of these companies. Sib impact can help you enhance your culture by focusing on sustainability and innovation.
Are you a head of department at a public institution? You can also benefit
from Sib Game.
As part of its role, Governments, whether at a local, regional or federal level, need to present solutions for the socio-environmental challenges our society is facing. Sib game will provide the edge governments need to stand out and be more efficient.
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Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It's about doing more good.

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